Training and Advancement

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Training and Advancement

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As an Aspirant, all one has to do is serve actively. During this time, one has to prove their heart and worth. Although no responsibilities are placed upon these members of the order, their worth is determined from how they serve during this time. One usually is an aspirant no longer than four weeks. After this period, one is either advanced by means of ceremony as an Initiate Protector, or one is let go. In rare cases, the period one serves as an aspirant can be extended. Similarly, the period one serves as an aspirant can be shortened if an aspirant is exceptionally promising. Whether or not to make such exception is decided by the Warden Protector of their chapter.

As an Initiate Protector, one has to prove their skill. During this time, under the tutelage of the Master Protector and the Initiate Protector’s chapter, the Initiate Protector learns and hones their skills. Finally, upon the decision of the Warden Protector of their chapter, the Initiate Protector takes up to nine tests, known as the Nine Gates. The contents of these tests are not made apparent to the Initiate Protector until they are to take them. Failure in these tests does not remove one from service, and the test may be attempted again at a later date and time, although the form and substance of the test might change completely. There is no time limitation on when an Initiate Protector is to have advanced, although progress is expected to be worked towards. Finally, the Initiate Protector seeks out another order, guild or battle group to which they will be a diplomatic envoy. When all Nine Gates are open, and the diplomatic relation is secure, the Initiate Protector will go through the ceremony to become an Errant Protector.

As an Errant Protector, one has to prove their service. During this time, the Errant Protector will remain in diplomatic contact with their chosen group, as well as serve the Shield of Light in any way a Protector is expected to serve. They are expected to work hard and apply the skills they have learned to assist their chapter in any way they can. One generally does not advance in rank past this point, but one is respected tremendously for even getting to this point.

The only way one can advance past Errant Protector and into Adept Protector is when one’s service is so exceptional a Warden Protector takes note. To advance to the rank of Adept Protector, one’s service must thus impress a Warden Protector to an exceptional degree. Warden Protectors are chosen from the ranks of Adept Protectors. To advance to the rank of Warden Protector, one must thus be considered the most capable Adept Protector when a new Chapter is formed.

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